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The principal discovery is the variety Corallo that apart from its its absolute decorative excellence, also matches well whatever types of flowers and foliage are used in bouquets and artistic compositions; it has optimum qualities of conservation.
In terms of cultivation techniques are proposed that allow the production of many varieties of rose-hips within the same production area, where from time to time other varieties are introduced according to market demand, regarding both the top range and that destined for the supermarkets (volume retail).
We should not forget that in 2005 the wholesale price of € 2,80/stem was reached by the Corallo variety, even though for particularly long stems, that does not however represent an exception but an important and exacting niche market.


A selection of the noted Rosa canina that however has basic characteristics of the other selections in so far as the hips do not fall from the branches after mechanical shock.
Its decorative value is highlighted by the fact that it can be used in various stages of tonality according to the stage of maturation of the hips:
from bright green to green fluorescent yellow - to yellow/orange
to orange - to bright red
Because the branches of this variety easily reach a length of 1.5m, they are suited for decorating cerimonies and spectatcular events but also to make a good impression in classic floral uses o in the realization of imaginative designs as for example decorating a Church or dinner table.
The Zaffiro variety has a notable graduality in production (ripening) that for the time being has no equal from any competing varieties. The cultivation technique is simple and low cost.


Is a variety of great productivity and very versatile for the management of cultivation, so much so that it can be mechanized either during the production stage or in the processing and packaging of the final bunches.
The form of its hips separate it from the rest of the flowers utilized in bouquets and it lends itself to creating imaginative geometric forms with singular and harmonious objects.
The Rubino variety comes closest to the concept of traditional flowers in terms of its classic stem and flower head, but it can produce also branches with copious hips in its entire length if one follows an adequate pruning.
It can be a useful variety to cultivate on sloping land because its root system is so dense and deep that it easily holds the slopes.


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